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Everyone needs support sometimes, everyone needs a friendly face that you can open up to, every child is unique and just needs some understanding.

Ciara Watson – Autism Supports Founder

Ciara started working with young children over 15 years ago, this is where her passion began. While working in a preschool she met one boy who opened her eyes to the autistic world. She was immediately drawn to this child and wanted to understand everything she could.

After going back to study a BSc in Psychology, she became a Special Education Teacher in an autistic preschool. She worked with so many amazing Occupational Therapists and Speech and Language Therapists just wanting to learn everything she could. She studied in many different areas along the way.

After opening a new preschool she became the centre manager and program coordinator. During this time it was her job to figure out the little people in the setting furthermore, writing their individual education plans and training the staff on how to best support the children in all their learning and development.

During this time, working with many families she became aware of families needing support at home to gain an understanding of how to best support their children. Her passion is to give clear understanding to parents of how they can support their children.

This is where the idea for Autism Supports came from, Ciara wants to help teach parents and professionals how they can best support their children.

Ciara has an autistic teenager herself and also has ADHD herself, so her home is full of neurodiversity.

There are many challenges for parents and professionals to understand how to best support our children.

Ciara will help you every step of the way in a very welcoming and friendly manner.

Home Services

We offer a range of in home services that will help support your family. These include understanding your diagnosis, where to go next, introducing visuals, among others. Contact us for your free consultation. 

Professional Services

These include in service training on how to support autistic children in your service and how to introduce visuals which comes with a tailor made pack of visuals that will suit your classroom. Other training includes how to approach parents about concerns in a positive manner. 


We offer a range of ongoing webinars for parents and professionals on all areas of supporting autism. For more information check out this link here

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Autism supports have been amazing with our son MJ who’s 3..When we first got MJ’s diagnosis we didn’t know where to start looking for help. We were introduced to Ciara and she helped us so much to understand MJ’s needs and gave us the tools to help him on a day to day basis. MJ is flying now saying lots of words and able to communicate to us. I can highly recommend her to any parents or child that are struggling to understand autism. It’s definitely a step in the right direction. We can’t thank her enough for all she has done. We wish her all the best.

  • Lisa
  • Parent

Autism supports gave me the invaluable tools as a parent to support my son’s needs. Ciara created a program tailored specifically to my son and providing the training in our home was the most effective way to put theory into practice outside of a clinical setting. Highly recommended.

  • Rebekah
  • Parent
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