Zoom Consultations (Adults)

Are you going through the autism diagnosis phase or recently diagnosed? This consultation will help you understand the process and the next steps you can take in order to support yourself at home or in the workplace.

Benefits of our Zoom Consultations:

  • Personalized guidance from experienced professionals
  • Convenient and flexible scheduling
  • Confidential and comfortable virtual environment
  • Practical strategies for self-support in various settings

Book your Zoom consultation today and gain the knowledge and support you need to navigate the diagnosis phase and empower yourself for a successful future.


Zoom Consultations (Parents)

Are you a parent who has been through a diagnosis with your child? Feeling a little lost? Not knowing where to turn next? Or maybe you are a parent who is finding it difficult to get the right support for your autistic child.

Book a Zoom consultation with us and we can help advise you in all areas in a positive way. We understand that navigating the world after diagnosis can be overwhelming, but you don’t have to do it alone. Ciara is here to support you every step of the way.

During our consultation, we will be able to point you in the right direction for support and resources, or even just help you understand your child a little better. We know that our children can be disabled by their environment, and they need the right support to be able to thrive in school and at home.

Book your consultation today and let us help you on this journey of understanding and support for your child.

School Visit

Is your autistic child struggling in school? Do you feel like they need extra support to thrive academically and socially?

Book a school visit with us, where our expert Ciara will observe your child in their school environment and create an individualized plan specifically tailored to their needs.

During the visit, Ciara will spend time in your child’s classroom, observing their interactions and learning style. She will also sit down with the teacher to discuss any areas of concern and gain a deeper understanding of your child’s challenges and strengths.

Based on these observations, Ciara will develop a comprehensive plan that includes practical strategies and recommendations to help your child thrive in school. We understand that autistic children can be disabled by their environment, but with the right support in place, they can access their education and reach their full potential.

Ciara will also provide recommendations for inclusive practices that are easy to implement in the classroom. By creating an inclusive and supportive environment, we can ensure that your child receives the necessary accommodations and opportunities to succeed.

Don’t wait any longer, book a school visit with us today and let Ciara help create a path to success for your autistic child in school.


School and Classroom Consultations

Are you currently running a class for autistic children or setting up a new classroom specifically designed to support their unique needs? Look no further!

Our expert, Ciara, offers comprehensive consultations for schools aiming to create an inclusive and supportive environment for autistic children.

During the consultation, Ciara will work closely with your staff to provide practical advice and strategies tailored to meet the specific needs of autistic children. We understand that there are multiple aspects to consider when working with autistic children, and Ciara’s expertise covers a wide range of areas.

Ciara will provide guidance on sensory and movement considerations to create a classroom environment that promotes comfort and reduces sensory overload. She will also offer recommendations on sensory regulation and routines that can help create structure and predictability for autistic children.

Communication and engagement are key areas that Ciara specializes in. She will equip your staff with effective strategies to facilitate communication and ensure meaningful engagement with autistic students.

Additionally, Ciara will provide insights into understanding and supporting behaviours commonly exhibited by autistic children, empowering your staff to respond appropriately and compassionately.

By availing of Ciara’s consultation, your school will gain valuable knowledge and practical tools to create an inclusive classroom environment that fosters the holistic development of autistic children.

Contact us today to schedule a consultation with Ciara and work towards an inclusive classroom.

Don't believe us? See what our customers are saying about us

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Autism supports have been amazing with our son MJ who’s 3..When we first got MJ’s diagnosis we didn’t know where to start looking for help. We were introduced to Ciara and she helped us so much to understand MJ’s needs and gave us the tools to help him on a day to day basis. MJ is flying now saying lots of words and able to communicate to us. I can highly recommend her to any parents or child that are struggling to understand autism. It’s definitely a step in the right direction. We can’t thank her enough for all she has done. We wish her all the best.

  • Lisa
  • Parent

Autism supports gave me the invaluable tools as a parent to support my son’s needs. Ciara created a program tailored specifically to my son and providing the training in our home was the most effective way to put theory into practice outside of a clinical setting. Highly recommended.

  • Rebekah
  • Parent
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